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Fused glass brooch. Taking inspiration from Miro, Ellsworth Kelly, and abstract painting, these brooches, 2 x 3 inches approx, are made with a layer of colored glass, a hand drawn design with a pen, bits of torn paper, and small pieces of dichroic glass. Complete, the sandwich is kiln fused into a unique object. Pin finding is attached.

Fused Glass Brooch, #Eight

  • These brooches, 2 x 3 inches approx, begin with a base of colored glass, green or white. To that base I add cut or torn bits of fusible paper. Draw on it with either a pen that has fine glass suspended in fluid, or I draw on it with a kiln proof pencil. When I am satisfied, an artist never really is, I place a piece of clear glass over it and fire it in a small kiln.

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